On the road again!  Journey traveled to Tyler, Texas for the 4th annual “Girl Power Summit”, at UT Tyler.  This Summit was sponsored by the Junior Urban League of Tyler and it was good.  This years focus peace, love, and power.  This summit is geared toward 6th grade tweens within the Tyler school district.

With three staff members and a Journey teen representative we hit the road on our annual journey to impact the lives of these young ladies.  Over 300 girls were in attendance for this event and boy were they full of energy.  Our class sessions focused in the areas of: Knowing You – Inner Character & Leadership, Image Etiquette – What other see, and Dinning Etiquette – How you conduct yourself.

Congratulations, to Teen Shade Cummings this was her first trip and she did an awesome job speaking and motivating the young ladies.  

The Junior League of Tyler, Inc. invites you to the Fourth Annual Girl Power Summit, an event for sixth grade girls about self-esteem, fitness, leadership and goal setting.  Come listen, learn and participate in numerous breakout sessions, visit interactive exhibits and be inspired to serve by this year’s keynote speaker, KLTV’s Anissa Centers. Girl Power Summit aims to ensure that sixth grade girls understand their limitless-potential and to help develop the skills necessary to achieve that potential!  Read more visit http://www.juniorleagueoftyler.org/?nd=gps