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“The Fabulous Winter Clean” 2012

It’s easy, it’s fast and will free your mind to focus on more important things. You!
Ladies this is the month to get organized. Focus your attention on more efficient was of organizing your life by getting rid of those to small, have to many clothing items and bless someone else. Five easy steps :
1. Gather supplies: Timer, Planner, Garbage bags (3), Labels, and Marker
2. Set the Timer: Drawers (15 min), Closet (30 min – 1hour based on size)
3. Label each bag: Friend, Charity, Trash
4. Start Organizing – It doesn’t matter where you start just start.
5. Inspect what you expect your closet to look like when finished
Remember this is an excellent time to re-organize as you clear things out. Try putting like items and colors together. This will make it easy to locate clothing items when you need to.
The key is to create a “system” that will work for you and increase the habit of maintaining these areas in your room. Leadership starts at home. How you handle your personal life will dictate how you handle the affairs of others.
You are awesome, you spectacular, you are FABULOUS