Watching your little ones grow is very exciting and also challenging at times.  You always knew one day they would grow up and graduate, but it always seem so far away until today “Graduation Day.”  That’s right the day that your student talked about and the day we parents dreamed of experiencing.  Perseverance, hard work, endless hours of leadership training, sports, parent meetings, pick-up/drop-off, and appointments has come to a end.  The hard work they put in and the countless hours you put out has all paid off as you close the HS Chapter in your child’s book of life.  

We could not be more proud of what they have accomplished in this short time in their lives.  As they prepare to move forward we prepare to move into a more supportive role within their lives.  All of training is now up to the Graduate to apply in their every day life.  Parents we let go, so they can fly high as they discover who they are as a young adults.   

We are proud of you the 2012 Graduate and pray that you continue to pursue all God has for your life using the standard of “Excellence” in all you do.