Life in monetary terms

  • “Yesterday is a canceled check
  • Tomorrow is a promissory note
  • Today is instant cash…spend it wisely”

I would love to take credit for such a simple yet profound quote, but I must give credit where credit is due.  You see I learned of this saying from a very seasoned and gentle man I met at the airport while picking up my daughter who was returning from her summer vacation.  He caught my attention while whistling a very lovely, nostalgic tune from the 40’s era. Since I’ve never really met a stranger, I went up to him and asked him if the name of the song he was singing was the classic by the late Lena Horne, “Stormy Weather”.  

After Mr. Irwin and me we went down memory lane about the song, he asked about my daughter and my apparent excitement about her homecoming. He shared about the person he was waiting for and that he had been invited to a graduation party where he was asked to share words of wisdom and encouragement.   I inquired for a sample of what his audience would hear.  Eagerly, in his deep, rich Trinidad accent he began to share some of those WOWs (Words of Wisdom) with me as if I were his own granddaughter sitting with my knees crossed, leaning in toward him captivated by every syllable.  I didn’t want to forget the wisdom pouring from this fountain of a life having learned many lessons and was willing to share them so transparently. So I pulled out my iPhone and used a recording app to preserve his sayings.  What I learned most from this encounter is that that kind of wisdom can’t be bought or sold; only freely given away.

What does your yesterday say about how you spent your time, shared your gifts, or worked your plans?  Will tomorrow reflect the promises you vowed to fulfill? Will God stamp them “Paid in Full” OR will HE order a factory recall?  And what about today…what are you doing with what is in your hand?  Will you put it in a bag with holes? Will you give it the poor? Will you seek God for His wisdom on what ground it should be sown?

Life in monetary terms…the cost of gas to get to the airport – $10.26; the cost to Mr. Irwin to share his wisdom – the value to him of his time; the impact it had on my life and the experience of immediately passing it along to my daughter (and now to you) – PRICELESS!  Thank you Mr. Irwin, wherever you are.