Greetings Journey Teens!

I hope that you are enjoying your summer break and are also planning and preparing for the 2013-2014 school year as it is fast approaching.  Some of you may already be engaged in training and practice for your favorite sport.  Many of you are experiencing new levels of education entering high school and college for the first time.  This can be nerve-racking and full of anxiety.

But fret not!

Your Journey experience and foundation has prepared you for this next developmental phase of life and we are confident you will transition with poise, confidence and grace.

In under 10 minutes you can get some really great tips to help get organized for the new school year by clicking on the YouTube video link below.  It is from 2012 but I highly recommend the content as it still applicable for now.

There are some great things in store for Journey Teens this year so please share the wealth…tell all of your friends about the benefits and advantages of being a part of the Journey of a Young Lady experience.  Now is the time to get in new applications.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer break and…

Video Link: