Your Why? (Your passion)

Your Who? (Your ideal client)

Your What? (Your Product line/Service)

These are all great questions to ponder about branding and they will have as many answers as there are stars in the heavens.  This is due largely to the fact that the persons searching for the answer is also unique and special.  Jenn Sprinkle brought her passion for design and creativity to the Teens of Journey as she fervently shared her transition from working for corporate retailers to “becoming a serial entrepreneur”.  In considering your WHY…think about what burdens you? For your WHO...Jenn challenges the teens to create a client profile which will include what they like to do by creating an A-Z list; what’s their personality? For your WHAT…what materials will you need and what makes your product stand out from the rest.  Some take away tools Jenn suggests in creating your logo can be found on sites such as;; and  For more information about branding your product, creating your ideal design and “living it out”…visit Jenn at!



When you think of market and research does S.W.A.T. come to mind? Perhaps when you see or hear S.W.A.T., advertising and marketing are not filling your imagination.  Thanks to Cheryl Roseborough, CEO/Strategic Business Partner for Blyss Agency, the Journey Teens learned a new way of seeing S.W.O.T ~ Strengths.Weaknesses.Opportunity.Threats.  In assessing the needs of your target audience/clients, looking for ways to solve a problem and making a difference in the world in which we live we need to identity our clients S.W.O.T.

To help the teens visualize and understand how to do this, Cheryl shared her personal strategy:

~Expose your client to your brand.

~Engage your client with your brand.

~Educate your client about your brand.

When you do this successfully, you will demonstrate for your client that your brand:

~Meets a need!

~Solves a problem!

~Makes a difference!

…and ultimately, what you leave your client feeling is pure Blyss (bliss)!  Thanks Cheryl!