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“How to Plan the Launch and Release Event”

Now that you have taken your idea from a mental concept then on to a blueprint, you are now ready to introduce your finished product to the world.  How do you get started?  What are the questions you need to ask?  Who should you connect and network with to get the job done? Thanks to Kenna Williams who is the Event Manager for Susan G. Komen and the Global Race for the Cure, we found out that our first priority is knowing our objective for our event or our “why?”

Once we can answer that all important question the rest will fall into place.  Ms. Williams suggest some steps for a successful event launch and that will result in a high ROI (Return on Investment):

  • Create a timeline – to be able to chart your progress from start to conclusion and all points in between.
  • Do a site visit – survey the layout of the venue you choose to hold your event.  Is it enough or too much space? Does it logistically meet the needs of your guests and participants?
  • Create the needed tempo – This is important to know if you are meeting your goals or if you are off track.  Set the pace for consistency and continuous forward movement.

Ms. Williams offered her expertise and passion for the “details” and how they make all the difference to everyone involved.   Details such as research, design, planning, coordination and evaluation are all critical and should, in the final analysis, bring you back to your objective of “why” you are doing what you do.  Planning involves flexibility, organization and time management but “the most important ingredient”, says Keena Williams, “is passion.”  Passion is the glue that holds it all together and can give your event the long-lasting impact you desire.

Kenna Williams